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Production and sale of 30-kilo piglets

About DanPiglet

DanPiglet’s core business is the production and sale of vigorous, 30-kilo piglets. Danish pork is an important export product for Denmark and DanPiglet produces approximately 285,000 piglets every year based on 8,600 yearling sows. The piglets are primarily sold for export. DanPiglet comprises a total of seven production units which are located throughout Denmark.

Our production is based on cost efficiency and high ethical standards as far as the animals, the environment and our staff are concerned. We have a great deal of knowhow and experience of piglet production which is applied by our approximately 60 members of staff on a daily basis to ensure that we achieve the optimum synergy across our production units.

DanPiglet is a subsidiary of the DanHatch Group which is owned by the two leading Danish agricultural companies Danish Agro and DLG.

Would you like to work for DanPiglet?
We regularly recruit new, skilled staff for our production and you are very welcome to send an unsolicited application by email to our Production Manager, Peter Goul, at: